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Admissions Process

In our first year of operation, we will sit outside the local authority coordinated admissions process although we will be working closely with colleagues at Warwickshire County Council.

We will open with one Reception class of up to 30 children will grow by adding one Reception class each year until we reach our full capacity of 210 children.

In essence, an application to The Griffin Primary School is a risk-free choice for 2023 as applications are made in addition to the usual local authority process. This means that you may be offered two places, one from The Griffin Primary School and one through your local authority. You can then decide which offer to accept.

An application to The Griffin Primary School will not prejudice an application to any other primary school – they will be considered entirely separately.

Applications for Reception places for 2023 received after 15th January 2023 will be considered after those received on time in line with our Admissions Policy. We will be making offers to parents on the same day as other local schools, on 17th April 2023.

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