Excellent teaching is at the core of our pupils’ success
We encourage higher expectations through higher levels of support

Our Curriculum

Excellent teaching is at the core of our pupils’ success and our teaching staff will benefit from the expertise and support of the Coventry and Central Warwickshire Teaching School Hub hosted at our sponsor school, Lawrence Sheriff School.

We will deliver adaptive, Quality First Teaching (QFT) that encourages higher expectations through higher levels of support for all pupils to succeed and includes personalising learning to the individual needs of pupils, strategies to support the learning of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and a robust tracking and monitoring system.

The curriculum will build on the national curriculum but will add depth, breadth and enrichment, and will nurture a love of learning at every opportunity. We aim to broaden pupils’ knowledge and experience, increase pupils’ abilities to learn for themselves, build self-esteem and self-management and promote the development of good relationships. Central to our philosophy is a desire that pupils are happy and enjoy their time at school and a highly enriching curriculum is a fundamental way in which we seek to achieve this aim.

The Griffin Primary’s curriculum will:

Be based on a clear and cohesive sequence of learning, underpinned by long-term plans that identify the progressive acquisition of knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

Teach each subject discretely within an overarching theme, allowing even the youngest pupils to make links between subjects whilst also learning what makes each subject discipline unique.

Provide a child-centred approach to continuous provision in Reception, giving children the opportunity to become independent and curious learners through high-quality indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Implement a DfE-approved synthetic phonics scheme, with early reading resources which will be precisely matched to each child’s phonic knowledge. Our ‘keep up not catch up’ approach will target pupils to ensure every child is reading fluently by the end of Year 2.

Build on the work of the early reading curriculum with a strong reading ethos where staff and pupils share a love of reading. High-quality and diverse texts will complement the curriculum and be used to broaden pupils’ experience and a dedicated story time will take place in every class, every day.

Equip our young mathematicians with strong foundations through the use of a mastery-based scheme, balancing core knowledge and skills with reasoning and problem-solving.

Engage learners and enrich the curriculum through the use of open-ended challenges, project days, visitors, trips and experiences.

Reflect the community which the schools serves, celebrating diversity and meeting the needs of distinct cohorts through regular review and improvement.

Maintain breadth across all subjects valuing each equally; provide training, plans and resources to ensure teachers can deliver high-quality lessons in all subjects.

Support children’s wellbeing and promote their safety; PSHE, SRE and protective behaviours (including online safety) will be taught discretely in lessons and also revisited regularly in assemblies and theme days.

Introduce a modern foreign language in KS2.

Live Marking

Feedback will be provided at the point of teaching rather than distance marking, in line with evidence which supports this as the most effective method and which will also minimise unnecessary workloads for our staff. Children will be encouraged to see feedback as an important part of the learning process and to value mistakes as a chance to make progress.


The curriculum will be enhanced with a wide range of school clubs and activities and opportunities to celebrate learning with families such as assemblies and open days. Traditional school events such as nativities, music concerts and sports days will be regular features of the school year.

Pastoral care

Pastoral care will be of the highest quality, sustaining high levels of pupil self-esteem and well-being to maximise progress for all.


We will recruit a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) to ensure that we are ready to meet the needs of all children from day one.

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