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We have been overwhelmed by the support of the local community, receiving more applications for 2023 than Reception places available. As we have reached full subscription, we are now operating a waiting list.

It is normal practice in the majority of schools – and we expect this to be the case at The Griffin Primary School – that some places offered will not be taken up. It is therefore likely that some of those on the waiting list will be offered places at The Griffin Primary School later in the process.

If you wish to add your child to our waiting list for a 2023 Reception place, you simply need to complete the short application form on our website.

In essence, an application for The Griffin Primary School is a risk-free choice for 2023 as applications are made in addition to the usual Local Authority process. This means you may be offered two places, one through your Local Authority and one from The Griffin Primary School. You can then decide which offer to accept.

An application to The Griffin Primary School will not prejudice an application to any other primary school – they will be considered entirely separately.

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