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The School Day

The Griffin Primary will represent family-friendly provision, with a breakfast club proposed from 7.30am, clubs and activities available until 4.30pm and wrap-around care until 6.00pm.

Timings are subject to change following consultation with parents and once the Headteacher Designate is in place.

Reception and KS1 (Years 1 & 2)

Breakfast club7.30am-8.50am
Session 18.50am-10.30am
Morning break10.30am-10.45am
Session 210.45am-11.45am
Session 312.30pm-1.45pm
Afternoon break1.45pm-2.00pm
Session 42.00pm-3.30pm
Clubs and activities3.30pm-4.30pm
Wraparound care3.30pm-6.00pm

KS2 (Years 3 – 6)

Breakfast club7.30am-8.50am
Session 18.50am-10.50am
Morning break10.50am-11.05am
Session 211.05am-12.30pm
Session 31.30pm-3.30pm
Clubs and activities3.30pm-4.30pm
Wraparound care3.30pm-6.00pm
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