Trust & Governing Body

Run by the ‘Outstanding’ Lawrence Sheriff School
The school will be run by the ‘Outstanding’ Lawrence Sheriff School

Trust & Governing Body

The school will be run by the ‘Outstanding’ Lawrence Sheriff School as its approved sponsor, which is in the process of forming a multi-academy trust (MAT) to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning underpinned by robust pastoral care from day one.

The MAT will be built on mutual trust, creating a culture where all schools can maintain their individual nature, work together to share outstanding practice, build capacity to support each other and raise the educational outcomes for all young people.

Our Mission is to develop a network of schools that are happy and successful.

Our Vision is that all members of each school community feel valued, know they have a voice that will be listened to, and that they can and should achieve their very best in all that they do.

Our Values centre on building positive communities where kindness is important and people matter. Where we strive for academic excellence, develop an enriched curriculum and nurture a love of learning.

Lawrence Sheriff School

An ‘Outstanding’ 11-18 academy described by Ofsted as “a truly special place” where “pupils flourish” and where “the passion that pupils have for learning is palpable”. With a sustained track record of success stretching back more than 25 years, Lawrence Sheriff School (LSS) in Rugby is a happy, thriving and successful school community which values fairness, inclusivity and respect. The school is routinely oversubscribed and students achieve progress that places them in the top 13% of students nationally.

Teaching at LSS is characterised by high expectations and the school has a strong track record of securing exceptional outcomes for students of mixed abilities as noted by Ofsted. As host of the Coventry and Central Warwickshire Teaching School Hub, the school is recognised for its strong track record of leadership, collaboration, learning from others and sharing of good practice. This allows LSS to work with a wide network of schools ensuring that it is always at the forefront of teaching and learning pedagogy and to draw on expertise across the phases and sectors when support is needed.

LSS has a strong reputation for leadership development in both staff and students and has extensive experience in supporting schools, working with schools, and improving schools.

An effective governance structure

The Griffin Primary plans to have a Local Governing Body (LGB) from opening, which will be officially constituted as a committee of the Board of Trustees, to which it will be held accountable. We will recruit school governors, as far as possible, from the local and relevant business communities.

The LGB will be chaired by Dr Peter Kent who led Lawrence sheriff School for over 23 years until 2021 and is currently the President of the International Confederation of Principals, having previously been a National Leader of Education as well as the President of the Association of School and College Leaders.

Trustees and school governors will meet regularly with the Headteacher and school staff in order to provide both challenge and support for the school. They will act as critical friends to the school.

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